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Who we are 

Equilibrium Futures was founded in 2016 by Andrew W. Mitchell, to help lead emerging thinking within the financial sector around understanding and re-balancing impacts and dependencies on natural capital. Equilibrium also works with the corporate sector on strategies to reduce unsustainable supply chain impacts on nature and with governments on creating public, private, people partnerships that can help create economic growth whilst ensuring sustainable livelihoods and climate resilient, low carbon futures.

Our approach 

Equilibrium’s approach is built on the premise that a quiet revolution is under way that will fundamentally re-balance the global economic system to take account of natural capital. A starting point is recognition that our planet’s elements of Earth (soils and life), Water (oceans and rivers), Wind (atmosphere) and Fire (energy), create stocks and flows that underpin the global economic system.


Equilibrium Futures works with forward thinking CEO’s who recognise that a company’s licence to operate will increasingly be associated with responsible stewardship of natural capital. We work in partnership with businesses and organisations to create understanding, awareness, commitment and action.

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